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Creations By Jeannine

Heirloom Afghans By Jeannine

Patterns By Jeannine

Books & Instructions By Jeannine


Creations By Jeannine

Berenguer Reborn Artistry                                    www.CreationsByJeannine.com



  • Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! She is just the most beautiful darling little doll I have ever seen:).  She is just as chubby as you said she would be and she has the sweetest expression on her face.  I must take this time to congratulate you, you are truly blessed with a great gift from God. May you find joy and continued success in your work. Leslie

  • I got my Zookie yesterday! She is even more then I imagined! Shes so precious and sooo cute! I love her so mush! She smelled so good, and her little outfits were to die for! You do such a wonderful job! She's so beautiful in every detail. just like a real babie too. Thank you sooooooo much! I just want you to know how happy we are with babie Zookie! especaily me. sincerely Ziday

  • Through much deliberation... we are going with "Baby Morgan" ... I hope it's okay with you. We feel so lucky for this win! ... and we were in awe ... because she was our favorite of nearly 40 pages of reborns! Thanks again for our Baby Morgan! Teresa
  • I thought you might be interested in what my soon to be daughter-in-law had to say about her baby (and she hasn't even seen it in person, yet!). Funny, you never really know how deeply you touch people sometimes.  Thanks for being you.  Tammy re. Reborn Doll from Jessica's Childhood.  I LOVE IT!! I can't believe that is MY DOLL!!! I'm so excited. My mom was shocked. Jessica 
  • I rec'd Angel Angie.  I can't tell you how much she looks like my baby.  She brought tears to my eyes shes so much like Angie.  Oh my god I want to keep her. Thank you so much.  You must be a very special person to care about a little girl you have never meet.  Linda

  • Wow!  I do believe this baby is one of your best!  I'm not just saying that.  She photographs very well which tells me she looks very real.  Did I tell you about taking Violet to the mall a couple of weeks ago?  They were having a grand opening for Lee Middleton so I borrowed a stroller, dressed her up in a green outfit. I can't tell you how many people took a second look before they realized it was a doll!  A few women asked about her and I gave them you web address and ebay ID.  You just never know. You might need to take your babies shopping with you.  Tammy
  • Just wanted to let you know how much Allie enjoyed the twins! Of course, she was surprised. They have been named Sandra Regan and Samantha Riley. They have already developed "personalities". Allie says by the expression on their faces, one is more laid back and the other one is more energetic.Thank you so much for helping make our Christmas special and I wish you the very best in the new year.Ruthie McCallen

  • Jeannine,   They are gorgeous!  I carried Matthew & Meara over to my neighbors house and she thought they were real.  I have them sleeping in a wooden cradle and they look very cute.  Thank you for all the work you have done to get them ready to come home. Dawn.
  • Hello Jeannine.. I just wanted to let you know Ava arrived safe and sound in New Jersey about a half hour ago. My mom was here and she hasn't put her down since.. She fell in love with her. I may have to surrender my parental rights and attempt to get another baby for myself because my mom just adores her. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for all your time, patience, energy, creativity, information , and flexibility. You are truly an artist and have been gifted with a wonderful talent.. bringing joy to the lives of others. Danine

  • We have received The doll you made for Jadyn. I cannot thank you enough for making it for Jadyn. She gets so excited when ever we take it out to show it to someone. She plays with the little doll also. That was very sweet of you to make a little doll for her to play with.  Mary Ellen

  • I just can't get over this babyShe is simply amazing!  Your artistic ability is really unbelievable!  Thank you so much for everything.  Having this doll as a model has made all the difference in the world.  I really believe it is going to help my sales right away.  Thank you again!  Tammy

  •  I'm e-mailing you to inform you that my Mom received baby Abigail on Christmas Eve. She was overwhelmed and she has already crocheted her a matching baby blanket. She is planning on adopting another baby in the near future. Possibly a baby boy. Thank you for helping me make this a Special Christmas for my Mom. Nelida
  • Hi Jeannine..I hope you have had a very Merry Christmas…I just wanted you to know what a Hit your baby was, everyone ooh'd and ahh'd and Liza is SOOO cute with her,  She sighs and looks at her with the cutest look then grabs her for a big sloppy kiss. She got several dolls for Christmas and she loves them all, but you can tell she is very drawn to her little twin… Mary

  • Hi Jeannine,

    Justin is soooo adorable!!!!! Thanks so much for your wonderful creation. He looks like he could make noise, very lifelike. He has so many goodies with him. Have to experiment with the heat and heartbeat. He is sitting here with me as I type. He came today and I saw him when I got home from work. Just love him!!!! He is truly BEAUTIFUL!!!!

    Thanks again for your wonderful work. You are very talented!!!     Karen

  • I took a breath...relaxed...opened the package!!
    OH MY GOODNESS... she is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen!! (**tears in my eyes**)  Your dress is  GORGEOUS!!!!!!! Thank you so much for doing this for me... she is very special and will always be treasured!!  You are truly a talented lady and have found your niche in life!!!

  • I received my baby last night. I was so excited to open the box. I totally love her face. She ended up looking almost exactly like my daughter as a new born. And as my grand-daughter as a newborn, her little girl. It was great.  Jackie

  • I brought Raven to work with me yesterday and the responses were unbelievable. One gal came running up to me "Can I hold your baby?"  I handed Raven to her, she held her looked at her and said " But She's not real??!!".  Everyone loved her little heart beat. And one lady did not want to give her up. My husband works for the same company just in a different area and I took her down to his dept. The lady's would want to hold her and asked who's baby, even he had to get in on it. He  would reply with she's ours. He's quite proud of her too.

  • Just a quick note to let you know that Devin arrived safely and she is just precious!!!!   I'm just thrilled with EvErYtHiNg about her!!!!!!  I will Definitely keep you on my Favorites list & keep in touch about doing another custom order on the face I'm now in love with! Thanks so much!

  • Just wanted to let you know I received little Elizabeth Catherine about 10 minutes ago.  She is fabulous; much prettier in person!  Her christening outfit is sooo fancy I am afraid to let her out of the box should it get dirty.  Your fast shipment awed me!  Thanks sooo much!   Christi

  • Hi, I received the gown, baby, and cradle basket today. The gown is beautiful and in excellent condition, very nice, shows much nicer in person than in picture. The baby is precious! Her crocheted gown and booties are beautiful! Thank-you. Take care and God Bless! Rozanne

  • Hi, Jeannine! She arrived today and she is just too cute! Her hair is perfect, just what I wanted. How the heck you got those tiny eyelashes on is waaay beyond me. Thanks so much for your great service and I will definitely be recommending you to my fellow collectors! Regards, Robyn

  • Beautiful Baby. I can not believe how lifelike she is in every way.

  • Just wanted to let you know how much I love "Tia".  She is precious.  I have had a great time showing her off to my friends and other doll collectors. You did a wonder job on her.

  • Your babies are lovely, cute, and real bablies!!! 

  • Perfect baby, looks so real. Wonderful person to work with; will buy from again.

  •  Funny thing happens in life every so often.....I am lucky to meet a kind and sincere person once in awhile...and a person that thinks and feels from the heart....that I see, I have found in you....thank you for that !

  • I am a doll collector (only for the past few years) and my two bedrooms have been taken up with my collections. As I continue to display my collections, I'm sure I will want to have more of your beautiful work. God Bless you and may angels always walk besides you.

  • Baby Rose has arrived. She is perfect. Thanks so very much!.....She is absolutely beautiful and super fast delivery. Well packaged. Thank you.....She is so sweet. Her hair is absolutely adorable.   

  • I recieved her today, She Is Soooooooo Beautiful, Do you do custom orders?, I never expected her to be Sooooooo Beautiful and would like ot get another...Thank you so much, the box and all Soooooo nice and the Doll just Gorgeious. THANKS YOU!

Heirloom OOAK Afghans & Designer Boutique By Jeannine

One of a Kind Heirloom Baby Crochet Boutique.      www.MyBabyStuff.com

  • Dear Jeannine: They are so precious and the shirt dress is beautiful. I showed Selena the picture and she is so excited. God really has blessed you with a special gift. Thank you! Charlene

  • I received the fed-ex package today!.  The afghan and bunting are just beautiful.  I can not wait to see the baby boy in it... Thank you so much for your time and beautiful work.   Fondly, Jill 

  • Your afghans.... there is no comparison to Receiving, Carters, Winnie the Pooh blankets etc.  Your work is so wonderful and these delicate little afghans reflect so much of your love for them.  Thank you so very much. 

  • They are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I LOVE all of them. Thanks for making the Booties & Matching Hat- PERFECT!!  I showed my husband and we both were in complete AWE of your talent.

  • I am so excited to give these as gifts, I know they are going to be blown away with sheer joy.  Thank you!!!!!! I look forward to shopping from you again soon. 

  • Wonderful work, will buy from again, great to work with!!.....

  • Oh Jeannine....like I have said..."you are a darling" and "bless you GIRL !"

  • Well, do you think that I love these??? It is my very favorite.  It is just so-baby..... WOW, you do a fantastic job.

 Patterns By Jeannine

Crochet Patterns for Dolls & Babies      www.PatternsByJeannine.com

  • We all at TAG want to send you a big Hug an Thank You for your Patterns we are all excited to have received such an awesome contribution from you. We also are looking forward to sending our next hospital gifts made from all of your patterns.  AKA Mazzy, TAG Founder

  • I was wondering what was the best choice for the reborn bodies. I am doing Berenguers, SM, and AD, all sizes, but mostly 18-22 inches. Your bodies come highly recommended... Thanks, Jessi

  • You are just amazing lady! I can't believe it, you just couldn't wait till after your trip, huh??? LOL

    I love it, it's awesome, just awesome!  Rindy

  • re. CD of Patterns... Such a neat idea! AND CUTE PATTERNS!! Thanks, Ketta

  • I absolutely love your crochet patterns. They are so easy to follow. Thanks so much for making these.

  • Thanks so much, Jeannine. I can't wait to purchase more of your patterns. You have provide a great service for a market that is in great need. Joanna

  • Jeannine, thanks for making the special pattern and instructions. I have been looking for this for a long time. I just love the new pineapple dress pattern. I'll be back again.

  • Your Patterns are so easy to follow. It's a breeze. Will stop by again and again.

  • Thank you so much, you are so sweet.  I just love your patterns. I can't wait to receive the remaining patterns, I am soooooooo excited. Kathy

  • Hi Jeannine, Received the doll patterns and I really love them. Thank you so much. Will look forward to seeing more patterns on your WebSite and ordering them of course. I really appreciate your designing the patterns for the dresses. You did a beautiful job. Later, Best Ever, Cleta

  • Wonderful work on your patterns.  They are so easy to understand. Will buy from again, your great to work with!!.....

Books & Instructions by Jeannine

Berenguer Reborn Artistry Books                         www.RebornArtistry.com

  • Well I just had to tell you how impressed I am with your pattern book!!!  It has covered everything for A-Z literally, and is attractive and professional.  Congratulations!  I teach reborn classes locally, and I will recommend your pattern book to my students!  Great work and thank you again!  Best wishes, Michele

  • Hello Again! Just want to say that your instructions and dolls are THE BEST!!! When I receive the soft body pattern book, I'm going to try to reborn myself. Wish me luck! Thanks again for everything! Christine


  • My MOM says they are wonderful Books. These are Just what she was looking for ***** 5 STARS


  • These instructions are awesome !!! Glad i found them !! Thanks again Jeannine for all your patience. Paulette

  • Great product-- very informative. Seller is responsive & helpful. Thank you! NCR

  • Wonderful instructions! I'll surely be doing more business with you! Thanks  Lisa

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH Can't wait to learn how to reborn beautiful doll. So Happy ! Hair rooted doll looks so real Can't wait to reborn.

  • Great seller! Fast and helpful emails and book is excellent! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! Ducky

  • Instructions are very clear. This manual was done very well - thanks!  M Kind

  • Wonderful instructions - easy to understand - Thank you! Ann

  • Some very interesting tips for fixing a few of my existing reborns. Thanks. Cat

  • Dollmakers RUN to this seller! Items are worth much more than she charges! A+++

  • Wonderful instructions - easy to understand - Thank you! Babe

  • I am so excited to start on my own reborn babies, thank you so much! Tammy

  • Wonderful book! Cannot wait to start reborning!!!!Recommend!!!!

  • Excellent tutoring instructions, can't wait to get started. London

  • Received excellent help in downloading - speedy service - great instructions! Diane


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